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By giving a coupon to your customers you are giving them something special in return for their continued loyalty. They save money and their loyalty will follow. The customer gets what they want at a discount and you get to induct someone into your customer community. You can then promote further discounts and or new products to them. It is a win win situation. We love to win!

11 Best WordPress Coupon Code Plugins for 12222

The statistics clearly show that people are wanting to cash in discounts online. They also show people love to save, put that together and you have a pressing need to find a new coupon code plugin. Never fear! We have collected the best plugins into a list for you.

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Offering quality discounts is a great way to ensure customer acquisition, loyalty and satisfaction in the long term. It shows you are treating your customers as insiders. We love this plugin for so many reasons. With thousands of plugins for WordPress it can be hard to find ones that are well made and supported that is why is it always good to choose an officially promoted plugin like this one.

Coupon Creator Pro is one of the more established WordPress coupon code plugins with over , downloads at the time of writing. The plugin is fairly well maintained with a pro version that packs a few much needed extra features. In terms of the design, you are able to make your coupons look how you want to work with your business with a choice of borders. The Coupon Creator Pro really lives up to its name. You Create a very professional Coupon!

How best to offer coupon codes on your website

Great asset to any business in this bargain obsessed world. If you are looking for something that gives your standard WooCommerce coupons superpowers then look no further! The Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin provides a bunch of extra options that WooCommerce does not have out of the box including category discounts, buy one get one free and dynamic discounts.

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That means, whenever your customers make a purchase, Retainful triggers a unique coupon code automatically and sends it to your customers. Retainful can generate unlimited coupon codes for FREE which means every coupon that is generated will bring you repeated sales. Retainful can also get your abandoned carts recovered. You can schedule and automate an unlimited series of email reminders.

The plugin automatically sends a cart recovery email whenever your customers abandon the cart.

Building a WordPress Coupon Plugin

This is a great plugin for combining coupons and social media, thus getting more popularity for your store while offering your customers coupons for the same. This helps in 2 ways —. This plugin offers a number of coupon types like discounts, free shipping, etc. Viral Coupon integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce. If you want to create a bunch of coupon codes for your e-Commerce website, then this plugin works best. It makes you go through 3 very simple steps for generating tens of thousands of coupons quite quickly and in a single step.

Easy to use, this plugin can also be used to generate voucher codes, promo codes, discount codes, and more. Monetizing your website is made extremely easy using Code Shop. This plugin lets you sell licenses, vouchers, coupons, etc. It comes with an easy shortcode that can be inserted into any website page. This is a global plugin that supports multiple languages and currencies to reach a wider audience. It also offers flexible price support so that customers have the freedom to set their price.

The JC Coupon plugin is easy to use and offers a lot of options in coupons to choose from. This plugin gives you a lot of options for customization and managing coupons because of its immense flexibility. For instance, you can include a coupon in a blog post about the latest offer, customize the coupon by appearance, and manage it from the WordPress dashboard! Another great feature of this plugin is that it lets you add coupons to the sidebar.

This means your e-Commerce website can display products along with coupons without looking crammed or messy. This is a free WooCommerce extension which you can use on your website to add a social coupon system. You can now reward your customers with coupons for sharing your website page and showing some love! When the customer performs the action on social media, the coupon is automatically added to their cart. You can opt to show the coupon and code anywhere on your e-Commerce website. This plugin is also a WooCommerce extension that works on a different principle for offering coupons — volume of the order.

This is another reason why before I mentioned you should find a developer who could be a trustworthy and reliable partner. If you want to ever take things to the next level, you already have some of the hard work done. Another word of warning is to also play it safe. My brother and I decided to play it safe, taking it slow, and determine this based on user feedback and sales over an extended period of time.

I did some quick research on trademarks and brand names already being used around the web.

WP Coupons - The #1 Coupon Plugin for WordPress

We wanted to keep things simple and find a suitable domain name , and so we finally settled upon WP Coupons. Perhaps not the most creative name in the world, but it gets the job done. As we saw with the WordPress Helpers a few years ago, they do take action on these types of things. I am personally a big fan of. Of course, the. I did try to reach out the owner, but never heard anything back. And as far as trademarks go, the same goes for using WordPress in the domain name.

WP Coupons and Deals

Be very careful when choosing branding for your WordPress plugin. Now that we had to sell the plugin, we needed a website and platform to distribute it. We then had to choose whether or not we wanted to go down the freemium model or not. Many developers that create plugins have a free version on the WordPress repository and a premium version on their own site.

The whole goal here is to utilize the traffic from the repository to upsell people on the premium version. We chose not to go down this route. You remember what happened to the Zerif theme a while back, when it was suspended from WordPress. Even if it meant less traffic and less sales! There are also other time-consuming hoops you have to jump through to stay in the repository. With that being said, you should carefully consider whether or not you want to be in the WordPress repository.

We also needed an ECommerce solution to distribute our plugin. I was very familiar with WooCommerce already but had heard great things about Easy Digital Downloads. Everything Pippin creates seems to turn to gold. And looking back, we are glad we went down this route because we have never once had any issues.

EDD is very straightforward and hooking it up to a payment processor and pushing out new plugin updates is a breeze. And last but not least, we had to choose hosting for our WordPress site. I connected with Mark over Skype when I first saw what they were doing. This is years before joining the team.

I had personally tried every WordPress host under the sun and the performance was simply unbeatable. Due to the fact that both my brother and I had full-time jobs, we knew we needed to go down the affiliate program route. Also, being an affiliate marketer myself, I knew what could happen if people knew they could get a commission from helping sell the plugin. The next big decision we had to make was, how much commission are we willing to give away to others if they help sell the plugin? And for getting everything to work properly, we ended going up with AffiliateWP , which is also created by Pippin.

And we are glad we did! The setup was a breeze and we were up and running in a few minutes. We also had to figure out how we were going to do ongoing development for the plugin. The first thing we had to do when getting the plugin ready for production was to test it with different WordPress themes to ensure compatibility. We simply created a new staging environment and started installing hundreds of WordPress themes.

Below are just a few of the popular themes we tested our plugin with:.

Coupon Codes Tutorial - WooCommerce

And the beauty of staging is that when we were done theme testing, we simply deleted our staging environment. We then re-created a fresh staging environment specifically for testing plugin updates. Staging environments are publicly accessible with their own URL, so my brother was able to code new features in and then I could test them immediately before we pushed the code changes to production. If you are developing a WordPress plugin is it very important to have a simple workflow down, especially when dealing with multiple people.

You should never do development work on your live site! The performance was very important to us from the very beginning.

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  • Even on small plugins like this, it is still important. Performance has to start somewhere. Everything is self-contained with no 3rd party dependencies. The ability to target a coupon to a specific post and then have it scroll with the user, was a feature that increased affiliate sales overnight on our woorkup site.

    So for the scrolling feature, instead of building this integration in ourselves, we actually utilized the already great free Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin. I advise developers to look at all your options before adding additional weight to your plugins. We could have added this feature in ourselves and made the scrolling feature optional, but again, this came down to time. Many of them are clever ideas we would have never thought of on our own.

    For example, a Tweet from Colin the other day asked us about adding the forge widget option on custom post types. This was actually a very simple thing to add, and in fact, we just pushed this out in our most recent update.